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Complete Bible Commentaries

Biblical commentaries are an important tool for any scholar. They serve as an introduction to many of the critical scholarly discussions concerning the biblical book in question as well as provide important bibliographic information for those that desire to go more in-depth than what many commentaries do.

The commentaries below are, for the most part, from pre-20th century; however, that does not diminish many of the contributions they have made to biblical scholarship. As with most things, many of these commentaries are "out-of-date" in many respects but that does not dismiss many of the important information provided.

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Notes, Explanatory and Practical by Albert Barnes

Written as individual books as part of a series, Albert Barnes' commentaries cover every book of the bible. After clicking on the link select the book that you wish to use. 

Adam Clarke's Bible Commentary by Adam Clarke 

For more than a century, Adam Clarke's Commentary on the Bible has served as an invaluable guide to the Bible for pastors and students the world over. Clarke's monumental work is revered for its thorough and authoritative scholarship that transcends even the broadest spectrum of theological barriers and differences.

Christian Workers' Commentary of the Old and New Testaments by James M. Gray

Christian workers' commentary on the Old and New Testaments, arranged in sections with questions for use in family altars and in adult Bible classes. Containing homiletic and expository suggestions for young preachers. Also an index of texts and themes receiving special treatment

An Exposition of the Old and New Testaments by Matthew Henry

Considered by some to be the most popular English commentary on the Bible, this five-volume work, though dated, is an excellent source for sermon material and basics insights into the entire Old and New Testaments. 

A Commentary on the Bible by Arthur S. Peake

Peake’s Commentary on the Bible is an extensive commentary that provides readers with a simple way to access respected works of biblical criticism, interpretation, history, and theology from the nineteenth century. Peake’s Commentary covers each section of the Bible.

International Critical Commentary eds. Charles Augustus Briggs; Samuel Rolles Driver; Alfred Plummer

Initially started over one hundred years ago, the International Critical Commentary series has been a highly regarded academic level commentary on the bible. It aims to marshall all available aids to exegesis; linguistic, textual, archaeological, historical, literary and theological. No unifying scheme is sought but each scholar has been free to express their expertise

The Preacher's Complete Homiletical Commentary

For more than a century, the Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary has shaped the trajectory of expository preaching and defined the role Bible commentaries play in sermon preparation. As a commentary written by preachers for preachers, the Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary is uniquely designed to foster the kind of biblical study that produces engaging and clear sermons. 

The Pulpit Commentary

The Pulpit Commentary is a homiletic commentary on the Bible created during the nineteenth century under the direction of Rev. Joseph S. Exell and Henry Donald Maurice Spence-Jones.