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Hebrew Lexica and Grammars

Lexicons and Grammars are vital instruments in the hands of biblical scholars. With these, scholars are able to properly understand the primary languages through which ancient writers communicated. Below are various lexicons and grammars that will be priceless in your studies in Biblical Hebrew.

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Hebrew Lexica

A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament, with an Appendix Containing the Biblical Aramaic by Francis Brown; S.R. Driver; Charles A. Briggs

This is one of the older Hebrew dictionaries (although still the standard for many scholars) and because of that has some peculiarities that other dictionaries do not have. The main difference between this and other dictionaries is that it is arranged based upon the triliteral root system, which can make it frustrating to find words if you are not familiar with this system, but can be very useful because it places all the words with a certain triliteral root together.

The Analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon by Benjamin Davidson; Samuel Bagster

An alphabetical arrangement of every word and inflection contained in the Hebrew Bible in the order in which they appear. This work also gives a grammatical analysis of every word and a lexicographical illustration of the meanings.

A Compendious Lexicon of the Hebrew Language by Clement C. Moore

This is a 2 volume work that provides short glosses to every word and every form of every word found in the Hebrew Bible. This is good if you just want a short definition and not have to sift through all the other information that other lexica often provide.

Key to the Hebrew Psalter: A Lexicon and Concordance Combined by George Augustus Alcock

This is an excellent resource if you are working solely on the book of Psalms. It not only is a lexicon but also provides references to every time the word is used in the Psalms. This book also contains and English-Hebrew word list at the end as well.

Hebrew Grammars

Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar by H.F.W. Genenius; E. Kautzsch

This is often considered the "standard" Biblical Hebrew grammar book. Though it has been updated various times it is often considered out-dated, and other grammars have arisen to take its place. However, this should not be excluded from a student's reference library.

A Hebrew Grammar by W.H. Lowe

This is a very short introductory grammar that is excellent for beginners or those simply looking for conjugation paradigms and charts.

Hebrew Syntax by A.B. Davidson

As the title implies, this grammar focuses more on syntax (i.e. word order, agreement, etc.) rather than morphology. This allows the author to go into more depth on these principles than in the average grammar.

Accidence of Hebrew Grammar by Henry A. Coffey

An element of Hebrew that makes it difficult for many are the Masoretic points as well as the various rules concerning weak, guttural, and quiescent letters. This book attempts to clarify these rules thus giving students better mastery over the language.